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This is the latest smart watch in 2022, this is a high-definition screen AMOLED smart watch, a smart watch with Bluetooth answering calls, making calls, rejecting calls and many other functions

Sports smart watch includes charger, manual and box, which can be given to yourself as a gift. Family members and friends can

This smart watch has or supports the following functions

1. Bluetooth dialing 2. Address book synchronization support (APP support is required, and mobile phone address book is synchronized to the bracelet) 3. Call record support (APP support is required, and mobile phone call record is synchronized to the bracelet) 4. Bluetooth calling 5. Weather push 6. Dial push 7. Step counting

Mileage 8. Calories consumption 9. Sleep detection 10. Reminder of long sitting

11. Heart rate monitoring 12. Blood pressure monitoring 13. Blood oxygen monitoring 14. Sports mode 15. Smart alarm clock 16. Photographing 17. Smart loss prevention 18. Looking for a bracelet 19. Time synchronization 20. Raise your hand to light the screen 21. Chat tool push phone reminder/QQ/WeChat/SMS/Facebook WhatsApp/Twitter//Facebook messenger/WHTASAPP commercial version

Bluetooth name: APP Search Bluetooth name: LIGE

Call 3.0 Bluetooth: LIGE Audio

This smart watch has or supports the following languages:

China, Britain, Spain, Portugal, Russia, France and Germany

The smart watch has a variety of colors and styles. Men and women can wear this smart watch regardless of skin color

The following is a brief function introduction
1. It can be charged. The following first stop is the photo on the back of the watch
2. The smart watch is a full touch screen with multiple sports modes
3. This smart watch has a heart rate test function
4. This smart watch is waterproof
5. Smart watch with HD screen
Circular arc design fittingthe wrist More comfortable and beautiful
Based on the wrist structure, the circular arc body design is adopted to bring a more comfortable fit to the wrist; Wear resistant,corrosion-resistant, skin friendly, durable and breathable.The body is equipped with a 1.32 inch high-definition color screen,which is clear and beautiful at every angle.
HD large screen, wider vision
Full screen touchable, making it easier to use.Large and cool screen, display operation
This smart watch has a variety of wallpapers that can be set
Long press the watch screen to change the wallpaper page at any time. The cool dial can be changed at will. The trend depends on you. The full screen can be touched to make it easier to use. Large and cool screen, displaying operation
Message calls, prompt in time
After the mobile phone is connected, it will synchronously receive the mobile phone information and display it on the watch,whether it's doing housework at home, walking, running, climbing,one-step reception, so thatyou don't miss any important information
Encryption protection Password lock protects privacy
High strength encryption algorithm to protect personal information
Multiple movement modes
lt supports a variety of sports modes.It understands all the sports you love.It can record sports data in real time, raise yourhand and check it. lt can master your physical condition at any time and witness the process of every breakthrough.
Scientific sleep management Help you sleep well every night
Watches monitor and record your sleep quality,monitor your sleep heart rate, analyze your sleep stages and time,
and help you develop healthy sleep habits
24-hour heart rate monitoring Always pay attention to heart health
Built in optical heart rate sensor, equipped with professional intelligentheart rate algorithm, all-weather continuous heart rate monitoring,check the heart rate curve at any time, so that you can master your health status at any time.


①Q: How does the watch call the application

Answer: There is a QR code in the manual. The mobile phone needs to download the application, and the mobile phone has the location function turned on. Open the connected Bluetooth watch in the app

②Q: Does the watch have a call reminder message reminder function?

Answer: After connecting the watch to the mobile application, the watch will display information reminders and call reminders

③Q: Is the watch waterproof?

-Answer: ip67 waterproof dip67 (please don't put it in hot water, please don't bring diving watch)

④Q: Is this the warranty of the watch?

Answer: The watch is guaranteed for one year

⑤Q: A few days after payment will be shipped

Answer: Shipped within 3 days

⑥Q: Do you want to buy a watch with a charger?

Answer: With charger

⑦Q: How much does it cost to ship to my country?

Answer: Free shipping

⑧Q: Does my product have a tracking number?

A: Yes, we will send the tracking number of each order together with the order, and you can check its shipping status on the corresponding website.

⑨Q: Does your store support direct sales? (Wholesale)

Answer: Our shop supports wholesale

Although the bracelet can monitor your heart rate, it cannot be used for any medical purpose,it is only to help people live a healthier life.All measurements results are for reference only.They are based on seientific algorithms and sensors.So please don't compare them to medical devices,we appreciate your understanding.

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